Students Practice Map

These type Maps are very useful to all kinds of Students for practical Purposes, Follow the Instructions given below.

Students Practice Map

Instructions :-

  1. You can use a Sketch pen to mark the places and use a piece of Wet cloth to
    erase after use.
  2. You can also use an ordinary Pencil to mark the places and use a good
    eraser to erase after use.
  3. You can use the cleaned map again and again.

The Below Mentioned Maps are Available

1. India Outline
2. Tamil Nadu Outline
3. World Outline
4. Asia Outline
5. Europe Outline
6. Australia Outline
7. Africa Outline
8. N. America Outline
9. S. America Outline
10. South India Outline

11. India Political
12. Tamil Nadu Political
13. World Political
14. Asia Political
15. Europe Political
16. Australia Political
17. Africa Political
18. N. America Political
19. S. America Political
20. South India Political

21. India Rivers
22. Tamil Nadu Rivers
23. World Rivers
24. Asia Rivers
25. Europe Rivers
26. Australia Rivers
27. Africa Rivers
28. N. America Rivers
29. S. America Rivers
30. South India Rivers

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